A Simple and Lovely Deck

Composite Deck

We recently completed this simple, clean and very beautiful composite deck for our wonderful clients off River Road in Eugene.

This deck is made of Legacy Tigerwood Composite decking, a dark tan color with various random streaks of blues and purples throughout. We created a cover with a small handle for the crawlspace access at the right side of the deck. It is made with the same decking material as the deck to create a seamless, almost invisible transition.

The deck creates a beautiful focal point in their already gorgeous backyard. It features a full-length step at the front of the deck as well as another step that stretches about to the halfway point on the side of the deck. The home features two sliding glass doors which naturally invite you outside, so having a beautiful patio to step out to makes perfect sense. It offers a wonderful outdoor living space for either relaxing or entertaining family and friends.

If you are interested in having a deck or patio cover built at your home, whether you’re looking for something that is modern and clean or something that is a bit more elaborate and grand, we can help you get your dream deck or patio cover. Big or small, one story or two stories, ground level or upper level, contact us to discuss your ideas and get an estimate!