Couture Nails & Spa Remodel

Couture Nails and Spa fills with laughter as women get their nails drilled, filled and painted. The steady hum of the pedicure chairs intertwines with the melody of the laughter and modern pop music. The lights that hang above each desk give the salon an elegant and feminine atmosphere that suits its customers. 

When construction started, it was hard to imagine that the old Patty’s Deli could possibly turn into a place where women would want to spend their time. We completely gutted the place. The gutted building didn’t seem to have much potential either. But alas, the wood dust that filled the air would soon turn to nail dust. 

We set to work installing new doors, countertops, molding, baseboards and a plethora of other beautiful goodies. We also updated the HVAC system and plumbing. Subcontractor Hollis Hausler Cabinets constructed custom pillars that reach the ceiling to hide the HVAC system, cabinets, nail stations, and a beautiful receptionist desk, giving the salon an original feel. We created a half wall to make a much needed barrier between the pedicure area and the manicure area. Atop the half wall, Hollis also costum made a wine and towel rack. We also extended the back room and remodeled the bathroom to reflect the elegance of the rest of the salon.

The clients painted the walls a cool gray that contrasts beautiful with the fresh white paint of the molding and baseboards. The light wood of the costum things helps brighten the salons dark flooring. The beautiful granite countertops tie all of the colors together, giving the salon a seamless look. 


In a matter of no time, the quiet hum of nail drills replaced the loud sounds of power tools. You can no longer find traces of the deli that once existed. Instead, you find a beautiful salon that women find comfort in today. Overall, the remodel came together perfectly. We could not be more proud of the transformation we achieved!