Deb’s Kitchen Remodel

We recently remodeled a kitchen on Hickory Ave. in Eugene. The dark walls and countertops made the large kitchen feel closed in and small, and the outdated cabinets and small pantry were just not cutting it for our clients. So, we started working to convert that dark kitchen into a fresh, open one.

The Kitchen Before the Remodel:

We started by installing a new tile backsplash that incorporated the dark colors of the countertops. Instead of replacing the entire cabinets, we removed the drawer fronts and cabinet doors and kept the body. We painted the remaining components a fresh white. Subcontractor Hollis Hausler Cabinets fabricated simple and sophisticated drawers and doors to replace the outdated ones. We then installed new hardware on the cabinets.

After we installed the white cabinets the room felt astonishingly more open and airy. The black countertops that once made the room feel dark, now looked sleek paired with the bright cabinets. We also painted the dark brown walls a classic white which only increased the fresh and crisp look of the kitchen.

The Completed Kitchen:

The wood flooring under the refrigerator also needed to be replaced due to water damage. We ended up tearing that small section out and putting in new wood flooring. We then stained the wood to create a seamless transition from old to new.

Our clients needed more space than the small kitchen pantry offered, so we extended it to twice its original size. Hollis then created stunning custom barn bypass doors. Not only did it give out clients more storage space, but it added a unique element to the room.

It’s always a pleasure to transform dark living spaces into open, airy and livable ones. We are overall so proud of the transformation we accomplished. The success of this job would not have been possible without Hollis Hausler Cabinets.