Fundraiser: Night Of Eleven Thousand Stars


KB Construction recently had the opportunity to attend a very special fundraiser at The Bob Keefer Sports Center. The building bubbled with noise as people mingled at the Night of Eleven Thousand Stars. Though the people in attendance all had varying occupations, they gathered together to support the same cause: the eleven thousand stars attending Springfield Public Schools. The students that will make up a large portion of our community in the future.

I have seen the product of the Springfield Public Schools (SPS) because myself and five sisters have attended. We are the product. I’ve gotten to create magazines, and use laptops, and be apart of backpacking trips, and attended countless field trips. But not often have I taken time to consider where the funding has come from for all of these activities. Most of my success is due to the activities and ample resources I had access to during my school years. The Night of Eleven Thousand Stars gives a glimpse of the people funding and encouraging these resources. On October 19th, KB Construction had the opportunity to be apart of this.

The night was spectacular as many teachers from different schools showcased what their students were taking part in. Several performers including On The Rocks, a UO a capella group appearing many SPS alumni, made their way on stage. It was incredible to see the lasting impact that SPS had on kids through the alumni.

We also participated in a live auction as another way to fundraise. We ended up coming home with ‘The Urban Lumber Experience.’ This experience includes taking a crane to salvage a tree that we then get to create a custom table from.

The Night of Eleven Thousand Stars was overall an amazing experience for our company. Viewing the works of what makes SPS so successful was an enlightening experience. We are so thankful for the experience and the opportunity to support the SPS that have and still support many of the children in our family.