Lunch for Kids Event

KB's Kidsports Table

We posted earlier that we were proud to be a part of the Kidsports Lunch for Kids event and today was the day! We had never heard of this event before this year. Perhaps our invite had something to do with the fact that two of our children are participating in Kidsports this year. We don’t know, but we are stoked we were invited to share and do what we can as a small local business to help this amazing program!

Right off the bat, we saw a lot of familiar faces in attendance including some of our clients, subcontractors and agents we’ve worked with, and people we’ve met outside of work and in the community. That in itself was a really positive start to the event for us. It’s really very heartwarming to know so many folks care about our children! The keynote speaker, Willie Taggart, shared with us how being able to participate in sports as a child has had a huge and positive impact on his life and how important he personally believes sports to be in a child’s life. Executive Director of Kidsports, Bev Smith, told us of some of the many ways she is actively working to make sure “All Kids Play” and that they are able to do so safely.

We were so happy to be able to share our table with some great members of our community! Thanks to Jennifer Greenwell, a private physical therapist for making sure I wasn’t the only lady at our table! Many thanks as well to Robert Watkins with Dalton Carpet, Anthony Rutter and Tyler Ish with Ready Rooter and Chapman Plumbing, and two of our dedicated employees, Sam Hibdon and Mark Martinez for joining us today for this important and beneficial event!

We believe sports are a very important part of a child’s life. It encourages them to be active and to adopt an active lifestyle, which we all know greatly reduces the possibility of so many of the health issues that our youth face today. Playing sports helps them to develop great communication skills and teamwork skills. Children learn how to be an active and contributing part of a team which will directly translate into the workforce. They learn how to deal with conflict and adversity in a positive and constructive manner. 

Again, we are so happy to have been able to be a part of this great event! We plan on making this event one we are a part of every year from now on.