Meet Mark Martinez

Our shop is loud today. A table saw runs as Mark Martinez, one of our workers, cuts wood to make platforms that will eventually be shipped off to a FedEx in Seattle. He wears a ponytail and one of our classic KB Construction shirts covered in paint and dirt and all those lovely things that can only be acquired through hard work. His facial hair is slightly wild and a small tattoo adorns the left side of his face. But who is Mark?

Mark describes himself as the glue. “I do as much as I can to keep it all together and going,” Mark tells me. His role consists of many different jobs that change on a day to day basis depending on what project he works on. “I do a little bit of everything,” Mark explains. “I just try and do what the boss has lined up for us.”

Today he works on building platforms, yesterday he got lumber materials together, and tomorrow he could be painting or putting down flooring. “Usually everyday is something different. That makes it more fun and interesting through the day,” he tells me.

But one thing that never interest him is going into crawl spaces. But how can we blame him? “It’s dirt and grimy and sometimes there’s dead animals,” Mark says. Nobody likes confined spaces mixed with dirt and the smell of cat carcasses. Besides that, Mark enjoys his work and the constant change in projects he works on. 

Outside of work, Mark likes to go fishing, hunting, camping and even use the skills he acquired with us to work on his own house. But most of all he tells me he does a lot of sleeping and relaxing.

Lastly, I ask him to tell me an interesting fact, and he replies, “I’m a cool guy.”

Curtis Bratton, who has quietly continued working, pipes in, “I can confirm that’s true.”