Santa Clara Remodel

kitchen remodel

A long time client of ours had purchased this home and wanted to give it a fresh clean face-lift before re-selling it.

The living room, hallway, and dining room had an old and very stained blue carpet. So we tore it all out and discovered beautiful hard wood floors beneath it in the living room and hallway! Our client decided to have these refinished rather putting new carpet down, and for good reason. The hardwood floors were gorgeous after being refinished and polished! We removed several layers of linoleum and vinyl flooring in the kitchen, dining room and laundry rooms and installed new vinyl flooring throughout that entire area.

We gave the interior and exterior of the home new life with a complete re-paint. The original kitchen cabinets were cleaned and refinished. New backsplash and countertops were installed with a neutral color plastic laminate.

We later relieved the bathroom of its outdated pink sinks, toilet and tub and brightened it up with new white sinks, new white toilet, and white tub and shower surround with all new fixtures. The double sink cabinet was refinished and given a new, fresh and bright color and new hardware. The old countertop was replaced with a new countertop and backsplash with new plastic laminate. Lastly, the entire space got fresh coats of paint and new vinyl flooring.

The large backyard had potential, but we had to remove the enormous blackberry infestation first. To everyone’s surprise, the blackberries had been hiding two sheds (one that we had to remove due to its poor condition and one we were able to clean up and paint)! With the blackberries gone and actual lawn growing, the backyard had become a beautiful space to play and relax, where the fruit trees and roses could once again thrive.

During the final stages of the home remodel, our client was able to find a buyer for the home before it was 100% complete! Awesome! We were so happy to be a part of it all.